Every March 22, World Water Day is commemorated, a date on which we seek to highlight the importance of this as a universal right and of which we all must possess, since guaranteeing its availability and sustainable management, ensures technological advancement and economic growth of our society.

The UN promotes actions around its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the sixth is focused on this issue, on guaranteeing clean water and sanitation worldwide. This is why all nations must work in an articulated manner from their social and economic activities to supply their citizens with water, not only for their daily consumption but also to respond to the basic needs of human beings, even if this resource is In fact, there are many people in the world who live without access to drinking water.

The Covid-19 pandemic made it clear that this essential liquid is not only essential to hydrate us, but its use to disinfect and clean properly to prevent any spread of viruses and diseases. For this reason we must all contribute our grain of sand and avoid waste, collect rainwater, reuse it and raise awareness about the importance of recycling in our home and community.

Next, we share the most remarkable data about why the celebration of this date:

  • 3 in 10 people lack access to safe drinking water services, and 6 in 10 lack access to safely managed sanitation facilities.
  • At least 892 million people continue with the unhealthy practice of open defecation.
  • 4 billion people lack access to basic sanitation services, such as toilets or latrines.

This is everybody’s job.

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