Steam Cleaning kills dirt & eliminates up to 99% of Germs and Bacteria

Steam cleaning has become one of the star methods of professional cleaning because, in addition to being very effective, it is a healthy cleaning and does not harm our environment.

Spring is the perfect time for thorough cleaning in your home or office. You can get messy with a lot of products, rags, brushes and so on, or you can choose the advantages of vapour cleaning.

Advantages of steam cleaning

Steam cleaning removes dirt and disinfects employing steam. The high pressures and flow rate allow deep cleaning and disinfection of all types of installations, surfaces and elements.

Let’s check out the main advantages of steam cleaning:

Chemical-free disinfection

The machinery we use for steam cleaning achieves a dry water vapour at high temperatures that cleans and disinfects.

One of the main advantages of steam cleaning is that it eliminates germs, mites and bacteria, only with steam and without chemicals. This means that it is a perfect cleaning for allergic people or sensitive to chemicals.

Effective cleaning in every nook and cranny

The high temperatures and pressure force remove tough stains and penetrate hard-to-reach places.

Steam penetrates to places inaccessible to a worker, machine or cleaning tools and products, resulting in much more effective sanitizing, disinfecting and cleaning of all surfaces.

Versatile and multi-functional cleaning method

Another advantage of steam cleaning is that it removes dust, eliminates stains, and purifies the air. In addition, it cleans different spaces such as floors, windows, bathrooms, carpets, kitchens, sofas…

Easy-to-use cleaning systems

The steam machine does all the work, we only have to add the water, turn it on and apply.

Steam cleaning saves time and money, due to its effectiveness, simplicity and versatility.

Steam cleaning is not a system for every day, but it is a method that cannot be missed in places where hygiene and sustainability are key, such as hospitals or kitchens. However, it is an optimal solution for deep and seasonal cleaning in your home or office.

Email or call us to get a quote for your steam cleaning and enjoy its advantages.

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Fantastic service always with GreenMaids, I have been using them for 4 years now and have always been very happy!


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Green Maids were professional and punctual. I was very pleased with their customer service and the team that came to clean my apartment. I have already booked another clean with them and have recommended their services to a few friends.


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I am a real estate advisor and needed to book someone fast for a move out clean at one of my properties. Anna was so efficient and finding a team for me. They were on time, and the place looked great. I will use them again, and again.

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