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Toys are indispensable for the motor, sensory and sensitive development of the little ones. Even so, we must keep in mind that their proper cleaning is essential to avoid illnesses.

Children are in constant contact with their toys, putting them in their mouths, on the floor, using them in the park or with dirty hands, so these elements can harbour microorganisms and germs that affect the health of the little ones. Periodically we must do a proper cleaning, and today we want to show you how to do it.

Guide for cleaning and disinfecting toys. Learn how to do it!

Today we want to show you how to clean children’s toys according to the material they are making. Keep in mind the following tips for proper cleaning and avoid affecting the children’s health with inappropriate products.

Plastic toys cleaning

You can clean the plastic toys with soap and water, if it is warm or hot water much better, so you will remove the dirt more easily. In addition, you can rub them with the use of a brush.

To disinfect them, you can dilute two drops of bleach in a litre of water and immerse the plastic toys for 5 minutes, thus eliminating all infectious agents. Then you should rinse them with warm water and let them dry in a clean and ventilated place.

Cleaning for wooden or metal toys

You can clean wooden or metal toys using a cloth and soapy water. With the cloth, rub the toy and use the necessary force to remove dirt stains with as little water as possible, since wood tends to absorb it. You can also add alcohol or white vinegar to the mixture to disinfect the toys. To finish, use another dry cloth and remove the remains of water and soap, let them ventilate.

Cleaning of cloth or soft toys

Soft toys and cloth toys should be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with warm water and regular soap.

To disinfect these toys, in addition to using high temperatures in the wash, you can add vinegar to the water.

They should be rinsed with abundant water and left to dry in a dry and ventilated place.

What if I can’t wash the toy because it uses batteries?

To clean a battery-operated toy, you must first remove the batteries. Then, with wet cloth in soapy water rub the toy until the dirt is removed. If it’s necessary use a soft brush and wipe off the excess soap with a damp cloth. You can also use vinegar to disinfect.

Be sure to rinse the toy thoroughly with a damp cloth and clean water. Then, left to dry in a dry and ventilated place.

How often should I clean my children’s toys?

It should be enough to clean your children’s toys every 15 days or every month, depending on the use. But if your child is likely to lend out their toys and be in contact with other children while handling the same toys, this cleaning should be weekly.

If children are recovering from an illness, their toys should be cleaned and disinfected daily so that they do not get sick again (5 – 7 days).

With the risk of contagion by Covid-19, and its life period on surfaces such as plastic, wood or metal, it is important to disinfect toys after playing with other children.

It is recommended that in nurseries, schools and centers where toys are handled by several children, they should be cleaned as often as possible after every use would be ideal. In addition, other measures should be maintained, such as the constant use of masks and frequent hand washing.

Remember that excessive cleaning and disinfection of the environment in which children develop can also be counterproductive to their health, preventing their immune system from being trained for less sterile environments.

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