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Cleanliness is certainly now more important than ever, and with special Airbnb cleaning services accommodation hosts must commit to a cleaning process, and GREEN MAIDS is here to help them put it into practice. This article walks you through each of the 3 steps in detail and includes recommendations, tips and tricks to help you meet the cleaning standards perfectly. These best practices are based on the Advanced Cleaning Manual, developed with health and hospitality experts with your well-being in mind.

Airbnb cleaning

Step 1: Prepare to clean safely

Ventilate rooms before and during cleaning. Regulatory authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend opening exterior doors and windows and using fans to promote air circulation in the space before cleaning and sanitizing. Ventilate the space for as long as possible before and during cleaning.

Use appropriate cleaning supplies. We recommend using only sanitizing and disinfecting solutions approved by the chemical regulatory agencies in your region (e.g. the Environmental Protection Agency or the European Chemicals Agency).

Step 2: Sanitize with disinfectant

Sanitizing involves using chemicals to reduce the number of germs and bacteria. During this step, our GREEN MAIDS team disinfects all areas that are touched the most. For example, door handles, light switches and furniture by spraying these surfaces with chemical disinfectant. Allow the disinfectant to remain wet for as long as necessary.

The label specifies how long the chemical must remain wet on a surface to effectively sanitize it. This allows time for the chemicals to kill as many germs as possible.

Allow surfaces to air dry. If you dry the surface before the contact time indicated, there is no guarantee that the product has eliminated the pathogens mentioned on the label.

Step 3: Re-establish the room

To avoid cross-contamination, it is important to finish cleaning and disinfecting a room before restoring it for the next guest.

The GREEN MAIDS team will make every space as good as new for the next guest!

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Professional and pleasant. They are now my regular cleaners.


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Fantastic service always with GreenMaids, I have been using them for 4 years now and have always been very happy!


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Lovely team - thorough, fast, and professional. I utilized Green Maids for a recent move and plan to hire them again for personal upkeep.


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Green Maids were professional and punctual. I was very pleased with their customer service and the team that came to clean my apartment. I have already booked another clean with them and have recommended their services to a few friends.


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9 Months ago

Positive: Quality, Fast Response, Price, Professionalism, Punctuality

I am a real estate advisor and needed to book someone fast for a move out clean at one of my properties. Anna was so efficient and finding a team for me. They were on time, and the place looked great. I will use them again, and again.

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