Tips for move-out cleaning: do it before or after?

When moving, when should you do the cleaning? Today, Green Maids Canada brings you everything you need to decide when to do your home cleaning before hiring a moving service.
When to clean up during a move?

Cleaning before moving

If you decide to clean before moving your furniture to your new home, you will have several advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of cleaning before moving:

  • Cleaning the rooms when they are still empty will make the job easier and allow you to clean more efficiently.
  • Cleaning your items before packing them will make it much easier to place them in your new space.

Disadvantages of cleaning before moving:

  • In addition to the time you need to do this cleaning, if you do not do it very well or if during the transport of the furniture there is no good hygiene, you may return to dirty what you already cleaned.

Cleaning up after moving

Doing the cleaning after all your belongings are already in the new home also has certain advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of cleaning after moving:

  • Cleaning up after a move allows us to move into the new house more quickly.
  • If the items get dirty during transport, you will not have wasted any time cleaning them first.

Disadvantages of cleaning after moving:

  • Cleaning the house will be much more uncomfortable with the furniture and objects already occupying the space.
  • If you have already installed the furniture and appliances, you will not be able to clean behind those areas.
  • It will take you longer to get the house ready to live in.

What do you need to clean during a move?

Many times, we are not aware of the number of objects that we accumulate in our homes. Here is a list of items to keep in mind when cleaning during a move:

Rooms, kitchen and bathroom

Before bringing the furniture to the new house it is better to clean the different rooms of the house taking advantage of the fact that they are empty and it will be easier to do it. But, what do you have to clean these empty rooms?
Floors: whether the house is new or previously occupied, most dust accumulates on the floor, so you should use a broom and mop.
Walls: if the house was previously occupied or is new construction, the best thing to do is to pass a damp cloth with a disinfectant product on the walls so that they are free of dust and shiny.
Ceiling: if it is not freshly painted it can accumulate a lot of dirt. Get up on a ladder and give it a good scrubbing.

Doors, handles and switches

These are items you need to clean before moving into a house. 
Doors accumulate dust or stains due to the use they may receive. This is an important element to take into account when cleaning during a move.
If your new home has been previously inhabited, doorknobs and switches are elements that you should clean. Hands are the place where most bacteria accumulate, so you will understand why these elements need a good cleaning.

Furniture and appliances

You should clean your furniture before the move when you are sure that it will be stored indoors away from dirt and grime. You should also make sure that the furniture will be kept as clean as you left it when you move.
If it turns out that your furniture is going to be stored somewhere that is not very hygienic, there is no doubt about it, you should clean your furniture and appliances after the move.
As you can see, cleaning during a move depends on many factors. Remember that there is always the option of hiring a home cleaning service to help you with this task.

Decorative items

If you’re into decorating, you’ll find that these items will be the worst part of your move. You can clean them before or after packing them but do it carefully and with the necessary protective elements for their transportation.

Do you need a moving cleaning service in Vancouver? Let our company Green Maids Canada provide you with professional help.

If you would like more information on how we can help you with a moving cleaning or if you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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