Commercial cleaning. An essential service for the productivity of your business

Commercial premises have specific characteristics that require an adapted cleaning. Depending on the type of business, the premises must be subjected to a more or less thorough cleaning. This is particularly important when the premises are intended for activities related to food or handling of chemical products. For example, where, in addition to ordinary cleaning, sanitary standards must be taken into account.

In addition to the good impression of a clean and tidy store, the cleanliness of commercial premises becomes necessary when the traffic of people is constant. The commercial cleaning services must be adapted to the type of business since it will depend on the affluence of the site and the activity that takes place in it. Large windows, carpets and common areas require daily cleaning and deep cleaning at regular periods.

Why is the cleaning of commercial facilities so important?

In addition to ensuring a healthy environment, when you have a commercial establishment, it is essential to hire a cleaning service to take care of hygiene and the image that is transmitted. In the case of physical stores, they are the visible face of the company and the brand, so they must take care of the details for the public. The order and cleanliness of the commercial premises are some of the most influential factors in making a great impression and can be the deciding factor that makes a customer choose the competition or not.

A clean and pleasant environment improves customer comfort, making them stay longer in the store, which has a positive impact on sales. It has also been shown that workers in a clean store perform their work more efficiently, increasing their productivity.

What does a commercial cleaning service include?

Commercial cleaning services will be adapted to each business according to its needs. Cleaning a clothing store is not the same as cleaning a dry-cleaning store where chemicals are handled. Therefore, it is of vital importance to know your needs in order to offer you a totally satisfactory commercial cleaning service.
However, there are certain cleaning tasks that are generic to any commercial premises. Let’s see what they are:

Commercial cleaning of furniture and counters

Would you like to shop in a store with dusty shelves? This can cause you to lose a lot of sales. That is why we must clean them frequently. If possible, with an anti-static product that prevents dust from settling on them so quickly. You must choose very well the cleaning products for each type of material to keep them in good condition.

Cleaning of shop displays, mirrors and windows in commercial stores

The shop display of your business premises is the first thing your customers are going to see, so its daily cleaning is of vital importance to create an excellent first impression. The windows and mirrors of your premises must also be clean, they tend to get dirty easily by rain or hand marks, so it is necessary to perform a periodic cleaning.

Cleaning of floors and pavements in commercial premises

The floor of commercial premises tends to get dirty very easily, so it must be vacuumed and mopped daily, especially in those premises where there is a large number of people. In addition, depending on the material of the floor, you should perform periodic maintenance with other products or procedures to protect it and prevent damage.

Cleaning of carpets and rugs of commercial spaces

If your commercial premises include carpets and rugs, they should be vacuumed daily. In addition, they should be deep cleaned from time to time to preserve their colour and texture.

Cleaning of toilets in commercial premises

The toilet must be clean and disinfected to provide a good image to our customers. A careless toilet is always unpleasant and can be a compelling reason not to return to the establishment. In fact, it is one of the aspects most valued by customers in catering businesses.

What does the price of commercial cleaning services depend on?

When adapting commercial cleaning services to your needs, Green Maids Canada takes into account several factors:

  • Location and location of the business premises
  • Area in square meters of the areas to be cleaned
  • Distribution of the surface: if there is a kitchen, number of rooms, floors …
  • Quantity and dimension of glass, shop windows and mirrors, as well as accessibility to them (If there are bars or bars that make work difficult)
  • Type of floor or pavement and if it has carpets or not.
  • Whether handling of fragile items is included or not.
  • The cleaning schedule (in case of the night cleaning, the service could be a little more expensive)

Green Maids Canada ensures the best maintenance and cleaning service for your business. If you need a budget for your business premises, contact us without obligation.

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Professional and pleasant. They are now my regular cleaners.


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Fantastic service always with GreenMaids, I have been using them for 4 years now and have always been very happy!


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Lovely team - thorough, fast, and professional. I utilized Green Maids for a recent move and plan to hire them again for personal upkeep.


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Green Maids were professional and punctual. I was very pleased with their customer service and the team that came to clean my apartment. I have already booked another clean with them and have recommended their services to a few friends.


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I am a real estate advisor and needed to book someone fast for a move out clean at one of my properties. Anna was so efficient and finding a team for me. They were on time, and the place looked great. I will use them again, and again.

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